How Important is Reality?

Prompted by a musical about the circus (who isn’t?!) we explore the topic of reality and whether it should supersede imagination. Are humans any good at dealing with reality anyway? And if not, then perhaps we can use our inaccurate minds for creative benefits that bring greater levels of happiness. Missed the previous show? Your… READ MORE

How Important is Reality?

Prompted by a musical about the circus (who isn’t?!) we explore the topic of reality and whether it should supersede imagination. Are humans any good at dealing with reality anyway? And if not, then perhaps we can use our inaccurate minds for creative benefits that bring greater levels of happiness. Missed the previous show? Your… READ MORE

Breaking Behavioural Conditions – Is it Possible?

Some rules and conditions have a great purpose in life. As children we are told “Don’t talk to strangers”. For those who follow this conditioning it helps to keep them protected. But what happens if you go through life, subscribing to old, out of date conditions. As an adult, would it end up creating limitations?… READ MORE

Your 21 Senses – The Not NLP Podcast: Episode 5

How many senses do human beings have? 5? WRONG! It turns out there may be a whole lot more senses than Aristotle bargained for though the exact number is still somewhat debatable and there is not total clarity on what the additional ones are. In this podcast we explore 16 senses you probably never even… READ MORE

Becoming an Confident NLP Practitioner

Hurrah! You’ve completed your NLP Practitioner training. The likelihood is it began to dawn on you during the training, or very soon after you left, that you’re now on your own. More importantly, that you don’t yet have all of the answers to the many questions you have about the infinite number of possible scenarios… READ MORE

When Relaxation Isn’t Enough

Hypnotherapy training offers those who want to work with clients in a truly magical way, the ability to do so. Using hypnotherapy, we can help others overcome a vast array of problems with ease and speed. In this world, which is becoming increasingly fueled by stress, anxiety and depression, more people will be turning to… READ MORE

Tuning into Your Funny Feeling

If you’re someone who is new to (for example) NLP, it takes a while to begin trusting your gut feeling; or to tune into it; or to realise that you even have one. It takes time because you need to let your confidence in yourself and your methods develop, but most of all you need… READ MORE

Time is a Healer – or is it? – The Not NLP Podcast: Episode 2

Can time really heal? Or does it simply magnify old wounds? Welcome back to the Not NLP Podcast! Today I have a co-host with me to discuss this topic. Meet Dan! Dan is an award winning therapist (“Outstanding Holistic Therapist 2017”) and was nominated for “Best Practitioner 2017” at the Holistic Therapist Magazine Awards. We’re… READ MORE

When Regression is Wrong

Years ago, I had a client who came to see me because she wanted to have a session of age regression hypnotherapy. She wanted to find out if her father had sexually abused her as a small child. She had a feeling it had happened but did not have any memories of it. Regression in… READ MORE

Preparing for Smoking Cessation

The are no fixed rules as to how to prepare a client for a session to quit smoking. You need to work with each client as an individual and find out what instinctively feels like the right route forward for them. These are some suggestions that I give to clients who are going to be… READ MORE

When Hypnotherapy is Disempowering

As a hypnotherapist, it is easy to get sidetracked by the suggestions we give, the depth or the trance and the effectiveness of our post hypnotic suggestions. However, just as important as informing the client about what they hypnotherapeutic experience will be like, is to educate them about the role they play in their session… READ MORE

How to Manage Negative Feedback

We’re very fortunate to be NLPers because there’s a code for conduct when it comes to delivering feedback. It’s called a feedback sandwich and is as follows: What was good What could be even better Overall what was great. The initial ‘what was good’ serves to have the recipient of the feedback relax and open… READ MORE

NLP – For What Purpose?

I’m interested to hear from you about what NLP does for/means to you. I don’t mean your definition of NLP, I mean on a personal level, what has NLP done for you? For me, I came to know about NLP after seeing someone using it on TV. It seemed so fast and effective that I… READ MORE

Empathy Without Sympathy – An NLP Practitioners Guide

As hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners, we find ourselves listening to a broad range of challenges that people have experienced in their lives. Our job is to listen, question respectfully and to develop a sense of understanding of their present situation and how they would like it to be, without putting ourselves into their pain (which… READ MORE

Helping Non-Compliant Clients

Resistance in a client is a sign of lack of rapport. This is one of the presuppositions of NLP and on a recent NLP Practitioner training, one of the delegates questioned if this was always true. “What if you’re doing everything you can as a practitioner and the client just doesn’t want to hear what… READ MORE

Self-Hypnosis for Healing

Around 10 years ago I fractured my ankle. I was very fortunate to have already qualified as a hypnotherapist when this incident happened because it came in helpful many times throughout the process of my recovery. Firstly, when I was taken to hospital to have the injury set into plaster. The doctor explained that he… READ MORE

Becoming an Confident NLP Practitioner

Don’t get me wrong, I love hypnotherapy and as a qualification, it’s one that I value the most. However, there are times when hypnosis is just not appropriate or, it may be that the client has yet to learn the skills required to be able to access the deep state of relaxation that would ideally… READ MORE

The mind, the Intricate Gift

The journey to life is not an easy one: every milestone of life comes with its own ups and downs. On to the journey of life, there are not roses alone but it comes with its thorns and barriers. So, how the do you surmount all these odds and thorns? It takes consciousness in the… READ MORE

What Hypnotists Don’t Want You to Know

Eleven years ago I completed my qualification in NLP and hypnotherapy. As much as possible, between clients and training, I have kept up with other learning opportunities and one of the courses I attended with Ian Rowland (who is a cold reading expert) called “applied cold reading”, really brought together a jumble of different skills… READ MORE

Find the Best NLP Training

Ultimately choosing the best NLP training is all about your own personal preferences. In the same way, there are a hundred different ways to cook a spaghetti bolognese and everyone will insist that their own unique recipe is the best one. Think about what is important to you and what you really want to gain… READ MORE

How to Upset Your Coaching Clients

I am guilty of upsetting my coaching clients on a regular basis. Here is how I do it. Sometimes, clients begin to learn the skills of NLP and not only do they experience the positive change it brings, but they begin to enjoy learning about themselves, their own minds and how they can have better… READ MORE

You’re Not a Coach Unless You’re Trained in NLP

A few years ago I attended a coaching training programme for companies who could provide coaching to SMEs via a government grant which would pay for the coaching. It would be fair to say that it was pretty poor quality. The day was really about using a tool kit of processes that would help those… READ MORE

Ethics of a Good NLP Practitioner

When you first start out as a practitioner, you are in some ways privileged as you have a clean slate and can essentially create whatever persona for yourself that you would like to have. The downside is that in the early days, you have not history and as such no credibility. One of the things… READ MORE

Asking Great Questions Using NLP

One of the key things I have learned from NLP is how to ask great questions that really uncover useful information. There are certain ways of using language that can presuppose lengths of time, energy or other useful measurements. As a general guide though, here are some useful things to know: ‘Why’ questions In NLP… READ MORE

Using Hypnotic Language on Your Boss

One of the questions I am often asked when people find out that I possess a senior qualification in hypnotherapy practice is “Can you hypnotise anyone, to do anything?” Sadly the answer is no. Not “anyone” and not “anything” but that equally doesn’t mean no one or nothing! So knowing that you have the potential… READ MORE

How to Earn Money as a Hypnotherapist.

I sympathise, I really do, with all those who have qualified as a hypnotherapist, planning to start their own business and with no real idea about how they are going to do it. Eleven years ago that was me. The best marketing ideas I had were get a website and dish out flyers everywhere I… READ MORE

How to inspire using NLP

If you’ve ever seen a good speaker you’ll have probably come across some NLP – whether they knew they were using it or not. You see the influence and inspiration that they create, doesn’t necessarily come from the content. Inspiring people comes from the delivery. Of course a compelling subject helps, but it will be… READ MORE

The Art of Good Listening

Did you ever complete a conversation with someone and afterwards, feel really satisfied that they had listened and paid attention? Likewise, how often have you experienced the opposite set of circumstances? I have a good friend who, whilst she does listen, will become easily distracted by things that are very out of context to the… READ MORE

How to Become a Successful NLP Coach

Not too long ago, I had a meeting with UKTI in regards to selling my NLP franchise in Australia. One of the questions the business advisor asked me was “What does it take to be successful in the NLP industry?” Now it may be that I’ve become fickle after a long time in this industry… READ MORE

Becoming a Hypnotherapist

Often when I write these articles, I do so for the purpose of educating the reader on the technical aspects involved in becoming an NLP Practitioner or a hypnotherapist. However I thought today that it might just be nice to share the story of how I became a hypnotherapist. I was working as a manager… READ MORE

Change Your Life with NLP

Is it really possible to change who and how you are? Ultimately I believe the answer is yes, though some changes may be easier to achieve than others. The ease with which change can occur comes down to a few factors. When the behaviour (that you want to change) first began How motivated you are… READ MORE

Get The Career You Want

I’m going to share with you some tips and techniques that I recently shared when I was at a speaking event talking about how to get the career that you really want with Interesting Talks. It was just last week and it went down really well. If you are someone who is currently thinking about… READ MORE

Why Confusion is Good

So today I am going to be talking about why confusion is a good thing. As human beings we typically feel a bit repellent to a sense of confusion or not knowing-ness because we like certainty. Its interesting that as part of our needs as human beings we have a need for both certainty and… READ MORE

How to Gain Better Rapport

A lot of work we do is based around helping people to have a better connection with others. So very often I might be working with a company where perhaps there sales are falling behind a little bit, in which case I may work with their sales people about how they can develop a better… READ MORE

Improving Your Language

I want to share with you today how it is that your language massively impacts upon your experience. What I’ve noticed is that when people are in a very positive state, their language (and this may just be relevant to people in the UK) reflects sunlight, and what sunlight brings to us. I hear words… READ MORE

Laughter is The Best Medicine

There are challenges everyday and if not everyday, at least from time to time in life. Knowing what tickles your funny bone is a great way to reset your emotions and to receive tension. Today I have been writing a short biography, about my early history in preparation for a breakthrough session that I’m having.… READ MORE

Dealing with Anxiety

I’ll talk you through some of the different techniques that can be used to help anxiety and why anxiety shows up in the first place. It is a completely natural reaction that you should have in certain situations. As a species, it’s as if we haven’t completely evolved so we are still experiencing anxiety that… READ MORE