Developing a Better Perspective on Problems

Have you ever wondered how to gain a better perspective on things, when perhaps you are in a slightly frantic situation. I was reminded of this just yesterday, because almost exactly one year ago I took on this beautiful building for People Building as our new home and the day that I moved in, it… READ MORE

Developing Pride in Yourself

What is the value in having pride in yourself? We all have days where we just can’t be bothered and that’s fine every now and again. It becomes a problem though if you have weeks or maybe even months where you have that sense of not really being bothered either with yourself or the rest… READ MORE

How to Find Wisdom When You Need It

Wisdom is something that we tend to think is only acquired over time which in part is of course true because wisdom comes from our learning experiences throughout our lives. However it’s also easy to access advice, guidance, and nuggets of wisdom in our day to day lives if we know where to look to… READ MORE

No Such Thing as Bad News

I want to draw your attention to media. You’ve probably heard the saying that ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ but I am say that, that is untrue. The reason why, is that we can get so tangled up in publicity, in media, in what we’re hearing on the news, what’s going on,… READ MORE

Letting Go and Moving On

I want to share with you how to recognise where you are at, acknowledge it and letting it go so that you can move on. One of the things that I think sometimes people misinterpret with personal development tools such as NLP, is that when you recognise that there is a problem you should instantly,… READ MORE

The Power of silence

I have now been using NLP for around 12 years, mainly with clients and also in training but I use it on myself too my day to day life -because for some reason weird stuff happens to me, unusual things happen, and sometimes quite challenging things happen too. I need to use my skills to… READ MORE

People Building: Elegant Arguing

Have you mastered the art of ‘elegant arguing’? Here Gemma enlightens us of how to do exactly that, with the secret being hidden in the simply question of “Really?” Like What You See?

Hypnosis Scripts – Priorities

Do you think that there’s not enough time in the day?…..of course there is! Here Gemma talks us through why this is exactly the case. Like What You See?

People Building – If You Don’t Ask Then You Don’t Get

Am sure we have all heard of the phrase “If you don’t ask then you don’t get”. Here Gemma shares an article written by our former NLP4Kids practitioner Lewis Aleta, where he explains the importance of verbalizing you wants in order to obtain them. Like What You See?

People Building – Words

Our words and language have such a huge impact in our lives. Here Gemma is sharing an article with you about the power of Words…enjoy. Like What You See?

Hypnosis Scripts – Lack of Rapport

Rapport comes and goes. There’s a misunderstanding that once you have developed it, that’s it. No further rapport building is required and one can simply forget about it.Wrong! Watch this to find out why. Like What You See?

Hypnosis Scripts -Drama

You need drama in your life. You need it because if you do not have it, you’ll go off and unconsciously create it in the worst possible ways. Finding problems that do not exist, manifesting illness, causing rows and arguments. If you do not create your drama in your life that motivates, inspires and drives… READ MORE

Hypnosis Scripts – Free NLP and Hypnotherapy Training

During this free one day event you will learn: How your thinking influences your feelings How to run your emotions (instead of letting them run you!) Why if you don’t learn the skills to master your mind, you will never feel as if you have control over your life! On the day you will be… READ MORE