As many of you are aware in 2007, Kay Gill and I created a series of workshops for children aged 7-14 years called NLP4Kids. Last year, the workshops took on an interesting twist when we began teaching children overseas, and I realised the potential for growth that I feel NLP4Kids has.

Many of you have also at some stage contacted me to ask if you can be licensed to teach NLP4Kids in your town/city etc which I feel is a really exciting opportunity so I attended the franchise exhibition and made contact with a franchise lawyer who is going to help get the license off the ground. I’m hoping this is something that will be completed early in 2010 and thank all those of you who have expressed an interest in joining the team and who have been so patiently waiting for this to happen.

Last week Kay and I had a conversation about how things are working so far with NLP4Kids, and as a result Kay has decided to step down from working on NLP4Kids in the future. She is still very much using the techniques in her one to one practice and will I’m sure do the occasional workshop when duty calls.

I must also acknowledge her input into NLP4Kids so far. She is also one of my best friends who I have a great deal of time and respect for.

Going forward, I will be fully responsible for what happens next (eek!) and will be your main point of contact with regards to anything to do with NLP4Kids- from workshops to joining the licensing team.

By Gemm Bailey