I’ve noticed something.

People with problems spend too much time inside.

I don’t mean that they don’t get enough fresh air (though that will hardly do any harm.) I mean inside their own heads.

People who worry are inside their heads all the time. They are having a chat with themselves about all the things that might go horribly wrong. Inside, they say to themselves, “But what if THIS happened?! Oh my, that would be just terrible.” Then they imagine how terrible it would be and they feel rotten about it.

People who are jealous are inside too. They are inside making up conversations of lust that their partners are having with everyone other than themselves. They hear the adultery happening and see scenes of cheating. They are inside their heads having the argument they are expecting to have the day they catch their partner with their best friends significant other.

Those who are stressed are inside. They are inside reminding themselves of everything they need to remember to be stressed about and all of the unfinished business that they still haven’t finished. They are inside telling themselves “My head is aching, I’m tired and my body is tight.” Stressed people have to remember to be stressed, otherwise they might forget about it and it may go away. That wouldn’t work as then they’d have to worry about what they’d forgotten about (see worry above.)

Ill people are inside. They are inside wondering “What is wrong with my body?” Then the body freaks out and might really make them ill. If Ill people come outside, sometimes their pain goes away. This is not useful to them as then they would no longer be ill. All that poor-me-self-love would have to stop and they’d need to find another way to meet that need.

Those that do not get to sleep at night are inside too much. This is probably the worse kind of inside to be because going to sleep is quite frankly none of your business. It’s something that likes to sneak up on you when you are not looking for it. If you lay there looking for wee Willy Winky all night, he won’t come and you’ll be there until the small hours until you finally admit defeat and stop trying to find him.

Why won’t people come outside more?

Being outside means facing up to what’s outside. Sometimes outside is nice, but sometimes it is not. It can be boring or honest or sad outside. There is no control outside (there is only an illusion of it inside) and no order of the others who are outside too. At least inside you know what to expect from the rest of the world but on the outside the world is unpredictable.

Outside can be cold or thundery with high pressures. It can be grey and dark and lonely.

It can also be bright, sunny and warm, though you might have to make the effort to go elsewhere for warmer climates.

The most important thing about outside though, is the spectrum that you can experience.  There is so much more outside than there is inside. It’s interesting too how when you’ve spent a lot of time outside, it has a positive impact on the inside.

Being outside means you can really listen and engage with others, you can let your body run itself and your unconscious solve the problems you have without your ego getting in the way.

So if I knocked and said “It’s a beautiful day, would you like to come out and play?” Would you come outside?