I love the whole idea of the phrase ‘If you don’t ask then you don’t get’ as it is literally that simple!
In my past experiences there are times when things just seemed to click into place with very little or almost no effort on my behalf what so ever. Until I understood how to harness manifestation and blind faith (not the biblical God kind of faith) those occasions of smooth living were very rare.

As I’m sure you can agree life can sometimes be a constant up hill struggle, the phrase ‘2 steps forward 10 steps back’ some this up perfectly. That’s exactly how 90% of life to me seemed.

Or so I thought until I met a man called Andy, now Andy was a kind of genie in that he would grant you your wishes. Not literally, “I want a Ferrari!” *poof * *little sprinkle of pixy dust* and before your eyes there was a brand spanking new bright red Ferrari .
He would give you the almost magic tools to be able to make those wishes come true!
So he would teach you tools and techniques to make the money to be able to afford your Ferrari.
If your wishes weren’t material and something like, “I wish I wasn’t afraid of spiders,” then he would give you the tools to be rid of that phobia forever!

One of his most common tools that he often shared with people was that to understand how to manifest the results you want.

His belief was that there was a higher power or being at work but not in the religious sense more like a kind of ‘karma’. He simply called this the Universe.

(Now stay with me on this I’m not the airy fairy type…)

His theory was that if you ask the Universe for what you want then it shall provide.

This is the first stage of this process; I call it the ‘Put It Out There’ stage.

I guess you could say you affirm it and put it out there. (I personally dislike the word ‘affirm or affirmation’ with a passion as it’s over used in a ‘airy fairy’ way. You’re very lucky you got it out of me twice!)

Then stage 2 kicks in and that’s to be able to have blind faith. No matter what your thoughts on the matter may be you just have to have faith and believe that it will come to you eventually. This itself takes time to learn

I repeated stages 1 and 2 a few times!

Now here’s the science behind what happens when you’ve done these to stages.
You have a part of your brain that is called the Reticular Activating System or RAS for short.
Now your RAS acts like radar the best way to understand RAS is like this:

I’m sure most of you have gone and bought yourself a new car. You drive it off the forecourt or from wherever you pick the car up from. You get in, inhale a breath of that fantastic ‘New Car’ smell and hit the road. Now as you’re driving along you start to notice other people driving the same car as you. The same make, the same model and even the same colour. You also notice that at the end of the road someone else has the exact same car!

That is your RAS working perfectly!

So what’s just happened is that something of importance has been bought into your consciousness, you’re fully aware of it. When this happens, your RAS does its radar job and unconsciously scans your surroundings and makes you aware or conscious of things that are similar or relevant. You may notice the car adverts of your car more.

So if you can ask for what you want (and not what you don’t want) then you’re brain is wired up to make you win!

You will need to repeat stages 1 and 2 a few times just to keep your RAS looking for the right things.

Now remember I mentioned the RAS will find similarities to what you want, not just an exact copy, this leads us on onto the 3rd and final stage.

Keep your eyes open!
Do as it says on the tin! Your wish may present itself to you in a similar form not exactly as you imagined it. This is also very common, and most people miss the opportunities to grab the wish. So be prepared and don’t let ignorance get in your way.

So to sum that all up:

1. Make a wish and Put It Out There- Verbalise it and do that loudly!

2. Have blind faith and just believe – When you verbalise it, mean it or at the very least act as if you mean it!

3. Put It Out There Some More!

4. Keep Your Eyes Open! – It will show up when you least expect it in a different way than you first thought!

My final word of advice is, be careful what you wish for!

“How to Make Your Wish Count!” – will be a follow on article on how to ask for what you want in the right way! Coming soon ☺

By Lewis Aleta
NLP Practitioner, NLP4Kids Practitioner

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  1. Hey Dude! I love it when it all comes together…. and that article proves its all coming together! Love it. Awaiting the next article.

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