Some people say that human beings are more motivated by pain than pleasure, so by getting you to imagine your future in the way it would be if you continued to gain weight, will give you the motivation do the opposite and to start exercising. This should of course be used in addition to thinking about the positive implications of exercising so that there is also a positive goal to move towards and to give you a balanced view of your options.

2 Replies to “Leverage – Motivation to Exercise Audio”

  1. Exercise has increased as well, I am more motivated. I do find that my brain falls back into its old patterns if I don’t consitently listen and focus on developing new patterns of being, it takes some conscientiousness to let go of the old, the audios help a lot with that.

  2. I rec’d the procduct with no problems down loading and transfering to my ipod.
    I didn’t have any need to use the support team. I didn’t really know what to expect from it. It was simple to use and it had good clarity. I am very satified with it and haven’t had any problems
    It started me in the direction I wanted to go and I am still using the product.
    There are a couple of products out there that I am interested, so I will buy more.

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