After developing a successful business and living in a long marriage, Bill Heinrich walked out on his life. Expecting a journey of self-discovery, he found himself crying in the foetal position on the floor for 3 days.

Bill realised his life was out of control and was ruled by his sense of wanting to be liked and an out-of-control anger.

I’ll say this; Bill has what I would term as, some woo-woo ways of thinking. He found guidance and peace using numerology – a belief in a mystical relationship between numbers and events.

Do I believe in numerology, no. But do I believe in Bill? Yes. 100%. I can’t give you much of a logical explanation but Bill totally won me over. He has an excellent way of reframing and creating new perceptions with the language he uses.  If you like the ‘L’ in NLP, you shouldn’t miss this show.

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