There are several methods which are helpful to quit smoking.

1. Nicotine replacement therapy: In this method, the nicotine the body receives from cigarettes is replaced with a low measured dose. This therapy includes replacement nicotine via nicotine patches, nicotine gum and inhalators. Some people later find they are also addicted to the replacement therapy.

2. Hypnotherapy: This method includes re-programming of mind and reduces the habitual dependency associated with smoking.

3. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming): This method includes study of language, communication and how its relationship with the mind causes personal changes. NLP is a mind re-programming technique which relies less on a therapist and more on oneself.

How to quit smoking using NLP:

Addiction to smoking involves both physiological and psychological aspects. The physiological addiction is a physical need the body develops towards nicotine. This addiction to nicotine can seem to be very strong.

The next challenging part to stop smoking is overcoming the psychological addiction. When you develop smoking habits you unconsciously develop a desire to smoke in certain period or situations. “Stop Smoking Hypnosis Programs” work to awaken the unconscious state of mind and eliminates the causes to crave for smoking. Hypnotherapy also helps one to stay motivated to give up smoking by strengthening the ideas that gave you the wish to quit smoking in the first place.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for eliminating the cravings for cigarettes by creating powerful motivation and promoting relaxation and stress relief to eliminate the psychological component for smoking addiction. “Stop Smoking Hypnosis” techniques can be learnt from specialized self hypnosis programs.

Freedom from smoking by the combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques is a very natural and easy way. More and more people are becoming interested in hypnotherapy because it is a safe and effective practice to control smoking.

The most challenging part of smoking is to overcome the psychological addiction of smoking. A survey reveals that ninety percent of smoking addiction is due to psychological effects.

Despite the harmful effects of smoking and health benefits of quitting, some smokers never give up smoking. I once had a lady who came to see me for hypnosis to stop smoking. She had been to 5 other therapists before me (!) and I knew that if I was going to get her to stop I would have to say something to shake her up a bit more than the others had. I wanted to give her some good leverage. I said to her “Some people are destined to smoke forever and die a slow and horrible death from cancer. Maybe you’re just one of those people.” She put in a bit more effort after I made that comment.

Very specific NLP techniques can be used to install new feelings, emotions and associations, to cigarettes and tobacco related products. This can be very beneficial for creating negative associations to the nicotine products that were once craved.

Freedom from Smoking the NLP Way (Downloadable book)

By Gemma Bailey, Karen Hastings and Adeline Munoz


Article By Gemma Bailey