There’s no money for the work that NLP4Kids do! There’s no budget left!

Ok so this is true in part. Local authorities have had their funds cut. Schools are being tighter with their budgets. This has made things incredibly difficult for the organisations and individuals who relied on that money to pay for the work that they delivered.

Luckily at NLP4Kids, we have never relied on any one source to fund us. Our practitioners are given the skills to adapt to a multitude of different environments and circumstances, but most importantly they are taught the importance of niching and creative marketing.

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When there are global financial challenges everyone who is responsible for generating their own salary (e.g. You run a business or are self employed rather than getting a wage from an employer) will either sink or swim as a result.

Of course you can only swim if you get in the water so sign up below!

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It costs a penny to attend because we only want strong swimmers on our team and that starts by making a commitment to turn up on the day! The event costs just one penny but if you fail to attend after registering, we will charge you £50 to cover our admin costs and the cost of an empty seat that could have been filled by someone else.

We will be calling you in advance of the event to check your suitability to join the team as we will be offering our licenses during the day.

So if you fancy dipping your toes in the water, come along to meet us.

Sign up to a One Penny Event here.