I figured to might live into my 90’s and that makes me about a third of the way through my life. There’s actually bits of my life now that happened so long ago, it’s almost like a story about someone I used to know, rather than about me.

And I’ve got that thing that happens when you get a bit older when time feels as if it’s travelling faster and it was only Christmas yesterday I’m sure, and organised family members are asking me where I will be planning on having my Christmas dinner this year.

As I occupy myself with day to day life, cramming in as much as I can, with time whizzing past, I’m conscious that, being a busy person, I have a fine skill of being able to get so much stuff done, that I am also at times missing things.

For example, I’m on the train right now busily entertaining my mind about the next sentence I should write, not at all paying attention (until I decided to write about it) about the experience of my back aching a little bit and my shoulders being tense. It’s a beautiful day outside and I’m not at all paying attention to the fields and trees that pass me by or the smell of the aftershave of the man sitting next to me.

I’ve come to realise that with all the busyness, whilst stuff gets done, I’m dipping out of the real life experience of living. And the next thing I know I’m a third of the way through my life.

Wherever you’re reading this right now, just be aware of your sensory experience, the real life experience of being where you are on your world right now. The things you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. You’ll find that when you do, life actually slows down because you start living in the “now”, rather than the “where you need to get to”. It feels like there is all the time in the world and you can even take a moment to realise everything you have brilliantly achieved so far.

It’s with this in mind, that I’m shaking things up a bit and making some changes so I can be less of a manic busy person, and instead find I hope, that time slows down a little and I can be in my life instead of conducting my way through it.

Today I will produce the last ever episode of the People Building podcast. In the 5 years I have made the show, there has been over 1 million recorded downloads which is pretty immense! It’s been great fun to do and I hope that my contribution to the NLP and Hypnotherapy community is valued in some small way.

I will also be creating newsletters and articles less regularly or less formally and instead, I’m going to focus on slowing down time and enjoying ever ounce of the next two thirds of my living experience.

Thank you to everyone who has ever contributed to the articles, videos or podcasts with your comments, suggestions, opinions or feedback or who simply listened and enjoyed the show at some point in the last 5 years.