Fabulous News!

Our NLP Practitioner Home Study Course been accredited and given the seal of approval by the DLQSC (Distance Learning & Qualifications Standards Council).

This means that as well as our usual NLP Practitioner training, there is an additional route to gaining your NLP Practitioner qualification:

Part 1: NLP Practitioner Theory
This gives you the manual and CDs plus your open book test paper, which once completed will grant you the certification award of NLP Practitioner (Part 1 Theory)

Part 2: NLP Practitioner Practical
This gives you the 7 day live training in which you will be trained and assessed on your practical application of the tools you learned from your theory training. When you attend all 7 days following the Part 1 Theory Training, you will then be awarded your full NLP Practitioner certification.

In addition, to upgrade your theory training at a later date to the practical training you will just need to pay the difference in cost.

Get Part 1: NLP Practitioner Theory here.