I was recently speaking for the inner circle group at Unlimited Success. The lovely group of people are supporting each other in achieving their goals.

At the end of the session, I had the pleasure to listen in on the “hot seat”. This is when each delegate has the opportunity to talk about a problem for up to 2 minutes and the rest of the group has 5 minutes to help resolve it.

One chap had a real case of procrastination and was looking for tips on how to increase his motivation levels.

After a little bit of digging around, it transpired that although he wanted to be wealthy and successful, he wasn’t too panicked about achieving it yet. Not until he retired. When his retirement came up he knew he’d have to get serious, but for now it wasn’t too urgent.

He spoke about his comfort zone being too comfortable, not being accountable, the big why behind his goals and his ambitions. He knew all the right information yet it still hadn’t moved him forward.

Then I realised why this pain was not nearly painful enough for him (and to be clear he needed pain to move him forward because the nice fluffy image of the future wasn’t moving him).


The goals and ambitions were for later, not for now. They were for after he had retired and he hadn’t retired yet…

He knew that when he retired it would have to happen, but it didn’t have to happen now. Now it was something that should happen, not something that must.

When I pointed this out to him he said “Oh yeah!!” I told him he had to stop thinking about this goal as something he need in the long term, distant future. He had to start thinking about the things he needs to do when he retires, as if they need to happen tomorrow. His entire future needed to sit closer on his time line, instead of way off in the distance.

The future is urgent and its about to start happening right now!