After not getting the grades he would have liked (and that would have been expected of him), Jerry handed the reins of his life over for other people to set the standards and decide where he should go next. Whilst that meant that there were people who had his best interests at heart at times, and often aligned with his own ambitions, it also exposed him to situation in which he lacked control and authority. 

From drive through pharmacies to coaching leaders, Jerry will share with you the risks involved in not taking ownership of your own life and decisions, being too agreeable and the dangers of getting too comfortable. 

If you’ve ever heard of tough love, you’ll understand that sometimes stepping back from helping someone is the best way to get them to step up. Jerry was on the receiving end of an enabling Mum who was invested in helping him carve out the future she believed he deserved.  It wasn’t until he put himself in an uncomfortable employment situation, forcing him to live alone without a support network in place that things began to change.

Unaccustomed to taking responsibility in life, Jerry found himself in a new pharmacy career, helping drug dealers benefit from drug diversion, working unpaid and even putting his medical licence in jeopardy.

Was Jerry’s desire to avoid conflict so strong or was he making excuses for an apathetic attitude – what do you think?

Has he now got the grit required to step up and be an entrepreneur? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one!

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