In case you didn’t know already, Red Nose Day is Friday 16th March 2007. In an exclusive charitable event, People Building training providers of Hypnotherapy and NLP throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London are going to be performing an event for the general public.

As far as we are aware, it is a first in comic relief history and they are going to be working for free to rid the nation of it’s phobias. Please bear in mind that as individuals, these guys charge around £65.00 per hour for their time.

This event is completely free, but you will be expected to make a donation towards Comic Relief.

A Phobia is an intense irrational fear that is usually caused by an event in the past where fear was experienced. Using our imagination, the stimulus of the phobia (spiders, dogs, heights, flights) gets blown out of proportion over time. However sometimes, phobias are learned from someone influential.

The phobia cure will be 24th February 2007, times for afternoon arrival will be posted on our website, nearer the time. During the event, there will be 3 main techniques used to eradicate the phobias.

NLP- Understanding minds communication and how we code information. By changing the way we use this we can improve our results.

NLP Fast Phobia Technique- Install positive resource emotions, that can be tapped into throughout the process, to act as a safety net. We then detaches the fear from the stimulus, by desensitises the fear. This is done by replaying times in the past when the fear has been experienced very fast in Black &White, then backwards in colour using the imagination and memory.

EFT- Tapping on acupuncture/meridian points in body to balance emotions.

Hypnosis- For a relaxed state, to boost confidence by imagining it going really well the next time you are faced with your old fear.

Test- to notice fear has gone or is significantly reduced.

We intend to have a laugh, because it’s really good at defusing fear!

Comic relief raised over £425 million since 1985. We want to make our contribution, and look forward to you assisting us to do it!

The event is going to be held at the Express Holiday Inn, Apsley Lock, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. May I take this opportunity to extend my thanks to the Express Holiday Inn who have kindly agreed to sponsor us on the day. However, we still need a reptile company to come and exhibit their creatures when we test how well the phobias have worked at the end.

Our website is being revamped, if details are not yet there when you look, visit again, or email your details to us and we will let you know all of the information needed.

By Gemma Bailey