Ruth is a person who has studied success, written about success and achieved a great deal of success herself. This isn’t a lady who has some fluffy personal-development theories of her own, she is a Doctor who has studied the psychology of those who are the most successful at what they do. 

She discovered that there are 4 key elements that unlock the secret of success. 

  1. Intrinsic motivation: You need to love it. You have to have a fire in your belly and be totally self motivated. You can do a passion audit ( to make sure your passion is where you need it to be. What would you do for free if you could?
  2. Perseverance: Outplay everyone else. Look at challenges differently: How do I overcome it (instead of why is it there?
  3. Reenforce a strong foundation. Do stop when you get successful.
  4. Continuous learning. Remain open to new knowledge. Consume as much as you can from multiple medias and experiences, with many different mentors. Give yourself options in how you consume the things you want to learn or master.

Some key things to help you succeed at whatever you are aiming for:

Know when your most productive time is – are you better in the morning or in the afternoon? 

Be flexible

Give it time

Whenever your ready to give up, give it a little longer

Reward each small achievement

Give yourself a time buffer

Work until its done

Work in sprints – 25 min of focus, 5 min break, then take a longer break after 3 rounds.

Can you simplify and get rid of the fluff?

Keep an open mind to learning

And once again, get a mentor!

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