At People Building we have been training people in NLP Practitioner qualifications since 2006. Our training is accredited by ANLP and ABNLP who are 2 of the most influential governing bodies in the industry.

We usually sell our NLP Practitioner training for £2500+ vat but I have to confess that recently we have been doing it for free for people and I decided it was time to come clean and tell you about it too.

Here’s how it works…

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Come along to the next NLP4Kids event and I will tell you all the details about how it works, but quite simply, if you decide to join the NLP4Kids team, we want to make sure that your NLP is up to People Building standards and so People Building are providing the NLP Practitioner training.

You might never have studied any NLP in the past at all or you might be a practitioner already. It doesn’t matter, we will still offer you the full home kit and they 7 days accredited training. If you don’t want it, you can offer it to a friend or family member. You could even sell it on Ebay and use the profits to pay for your NLP4Kids training!

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