Thank you for your interesting becoming part of the People Building NLP training team.

90% of the delegates who train with us at NLP Practitioner, do so because they are part of the NLP4Kids programme and have to have an NLP Practitioner qualification before they embark upon that training with us. Some have had no prior NLP Training, some have perhaps attended a diploma course and others are fully qualified already but want to refresh their skills.

We are looking for NLP Trainers to take over the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master practitioner courses we offer. NLP Practitioner usually takes place 2-3 times per year. There is a home study element comprising of 6 audio CDs, manual and open book test paper. This is completed prior to the start of the training, which is 7 straight days. It’s important that the course is accelerated learning style as many of the delegates will have further NLP4Kids training to complete with us -up to an additional 12 days so we want to get their NLP Practitioner completed as quickly as possible.

Our NLP Master Practitioner is 13 days spread over 14 days (a day off in the middle) there is also some home study and another open book tests paper to complete before the training starts. We run one NLP Master Practitioner each year.

People Building will supply all of the resources you will need to conduct your training – manuals, discs, slides, test papers, projector etc. We are looking for people who can show up and deliver. As such, you must be fully competent at teaching your content. The delegates are expecting top-notch training and they will evaluate your performance. You must know your content!

In addition, you must be able to effectively upsell delegates to further training in order to make the investment of your time with us financially lucrative. The per day pay rate is £200 but for additional programmes you sell whilst the delegates are being trained by you, you will receive 30% commission upon receipt of their full payment. The courses they can upsell to are:


  • NLP4Kids if they are not already in that programme
  • Additional NLP4Kids courses if they already signed up to NLP4Kids
  • NLP Master Practitioner training

Our NLP Master practitioner starts from £2,300 and NLP4Kids starts from £3500 up to £7000.

Our last NLP Practitioner had 14 delegates so our class sizes are small and we have a cap on the numbers we will take (currently 40).

Will I be employed by you?
No.  If you are not already self employed (or have your own company) you will need to set this up. Please visit www.HMRC.GOV.UK for further information on self employment. We are not looking for employees but we are looking for people who will be reliable and committed.

Will I have a contacted amount of work?
As much as possible, we want to know who is going to be where, doing what training. This is so that you have some commitment from us and so that we too have some commitment from you.  However we will be continuously monitoring the feedback from delegates to make sure our standards remain high. As such we are not looking to formalise any contracts as if things do not work out for either party, we want it to be easily to draw things to a close. Once we have all found our feet, we may reconsider the idea of formalised contracts if it suits both parties to do so.

What will the costs be to me?
You will be responsible for buying your own food throughout the training and your own travel costs. If you live more than 50 miles away from the venue we will pay for your hotel fees to stay over, up to £40 per night.
You will need to be recognised as an accredited trainer by the ABNLP or ANLP  to train for us. If you do not have membership with either one of these bodies, you will need to get it.

Where will the training take place?
Usually in Hemel Hempstead.

How many coaches will there be?
It depends on the group size but we usually have a ratio of 1:6. The coaches are people who have previously trained with PB or NLP4Kids.

Do I need to provide any resources?
No. We take care of everything for you. You just need to show up with your amazing knowledge.

I’ve had loads of NLP Training but haven’t taken an accredited NLP Trainers course. Can I still apply for the position?
No. Our trainings are accredited by the ANLP & ABNLP so the courses you have taken in the past must be recognised by them in order for you to train for us.

Where can I find out more about the history, training contents and resources that People Building provide?

Where can I find out more about NLP4Kids?

Can I also teach NLP4Kids?
No, only our licensed practitioners are authorised to do that but we will obviously make sure you have an understanding of the NLP4Kids programme so that you have the best possible chance to sell it during the People Building courses.

Will I run the full course or will it be split between trainers?

Good question as there are benefits to both options. Having a mix of trainers is great as it gives variety but we want the sales opportunities to be fair too. As such, during the NLP Practitioner training there will be one sales point mid week, and one again at the end of the course and 3 sales points on Master practitioner). Don’t be fooled into thinking that the person who is presenting at the end of the week stands the best chance of making sales – we will ask those that signed up who best influenced them to buy and if necessary split the cost between both trainers! You therefore have a responsibility to make sure it’s your name that goes on the sign up forms and to make yourself available for full courses instead of just for a few days if you want to ensure you get the best chance of receiving the upsell sales commission if you believe that will help.

I have my own trainings, resources etc. Can I use these/can I promote them to your delegates?
I’m very happy for you to introduce bits and pieces of what you do to the group, on the basis that it doesn’t take anyone off track from the PB qualifications they are there to achieve.
In addition, you cannot simply take our delegates contact details and start promoting stuff to them, they must give you permission first.
If you have your own Master Practitioner Qualifications and you would like to promote your own instead of ours, we’d simply ask for a 10% commission. Obviously this is not something we can monitor from our end so we make this request on a basis of trust. Any other courses that you promote and sell to our delegates are yours to keep, we do not need any commission.
We do ask that you do not promote courses that you may run which are related to children, parents or teachers.

Will everyone pass?
No, and it’s really important that you feedback to us any delegates who perhaps need to redo the training or who need therapy instead of becoming therapists! Remember that most of the practitioner will go onto work with children and families and we need to monitor them carefully so we can check their suitability and have reasoning behind our refunds if we need to make them. Therefore, please keep some notes about any concerns you have and likewise, who the superstars are.

Who is behind PB and NLP4Kids?
Both are the brainchildren of Gemma Bailey who trained in NLP and Hypnotherapy to Master Practitioner level first with a trainer in Scotland, then with Andy Harrington from Inner Compass, then completed NLP Trainers Training with Andy Harrington and Topher Morrison before doing further NLP training with Richard Bandler.

In the last few years Gemma has worked tirelessly on product creation, media and developing marketing strategies for PB and NLP4Kids.