The disease Candidasis or Candida is caused by the yeast like organism, Candida albicans, which infests the bowel and the skin. If it grows in a prolific manner, it can cause the patient to suffer from food allergy, bowel disturbance, fatigue, palpitations, thrush, uncontrollable shaking, insomnia, nightmares, migraine, depression, chronic fatigue, menstrual difficulties and catarrhal problems. It infects the mucous membranes of skin, nose, mouth, throat, intestines and other intimate areas of the body. Candida is very much associated with mental stress, so a person has an increasing chance of being affected by Candida, if they already suffer from any psychological disturbance. Mental stress has a direct effect on the immune system of the body and can cause it to weaken. A weak immune system cannot battle against the microbes, and as a result, the body becomes vulnerable to the infectants of Candida.

Though there are a number of medications available to treat Candida, some patients do not respond to the conventional medicines that are recommended. One reason is that Candida is aggravated and sometimes even caused by increased mental stress, and therefore, medication only cannot cure the symptoms whilst the root cause remains untreated. Diet also has a huge impact on this illness and certain foods- such as yeast based products- can aggravate the condition further. However there have been a number of cases, where a patient was completely cured of the symptoms of Candida through a few sessions of hypnosis, when medical treatment could not provide any relief.


Some case studies have revealed that, if a person constantly faces moderate to severe mental pressure, the patient’s body, especially the stomach become weakened and may not be able to function properly. If untreated, the situation may worsen, leading to the abnormal growth of the Candida microbes within the stomach and the person starts to show the symptoms of the disease. In such circumstances, it becomes necessary to create the correct balance between diet, mental well-being along with providing any appropriate medications. The symptoms may start with food allergy or intolerance, making a special Candida diet necessary. Even basic relaxation from a hypnotic induction can bring useful results.

Music and progressive muscle relaxation can be used to induce the patient into a deeply relaxed state of hypnosis. During the hypnosis session, post hypnotic suggestions are also given that will enable the patient to cope better with stress in the future. A series of hypnotic sessions not only deals with the problem of Candida from the curative point of view, but it also alleviates some of the emotional and psychological distresses that had caused the disease. Medication can be used alongside the use of hypnosis but it becomes less easy to discover which treatment is having the curative effects. What is important to note is that if the person does not follow the advice, does not have the belief to be cured from within or is again subjected to the similar mentally stressful situation as before, the chances of recurrence is high. Using self hypnosis and attention to diet it is definitely possible to be completely cured from Candida.

By Gemma Bailey

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