NLP can provide many methods to lose weight. Seven NLP tools have been discussed below, which will be helpful in reducing weight keeping clients healthy and slim.

1. NLP communication model: This model is important as it explains how peoples use of language patterns affect their thinking (and vice versa). Depending on the nature of your self-communication pattern, you could undermine the efforts you make to eat healthy and be slim. The NLP communication model helps clients to understand the language of healthy eating and also helps to develop positive thinking habits. The ways you think have an undeniable effect on your feelings and your feelings have an impact on your behaviour.

2. NLP Presuppositions: One of the key presuppositions of NLP is that all behavior has a positive intention. But this doesn’t necessarily mean positive results. This NLP communication model helps people to understand the basic fault in the eating behavior and can release the guilt felt after over indulging if it is better understood what the behavior ways trying to achieve in a positive way.

3. NLP Major Frames: A Major NLP frame is that of cause and effect as this guides people into taking responsibility for themselves, their behavior and results. During NLP therapy sessions you will be encouraged to think yourself as the cause of what you create rather than at the effect of what life gives you. This means, things happen in your life because OF you and not TO you. When you become the cause, you give yourself the opportunity to be proud for the things you have achieved. This model makes you feel that you are a responsible person. When you become responsible, you feel as if you have a greater control over the situation.

4. NLP Formal change Techniques: The application of techniques depends on individual problems. Some are discussed below:

The Swish Technique can be used if you wish to replace highly contextualized problem behavior with a more positive behaviour.

Parts Integration is very useful at uncovering the positive intention of your awkward eating habits and dealing with incongruent behaviour and feelings

Like to Dislike – This technique is based on information about how we code memories in our brain and can be used to create a dislike to a problem food.

Hypnosis with positive suggestion – Many NLP therapists will have studied hypnotic techniques based on the Ericksonian model, during NLP training and will utilize these techniques during therapy sessions. Hypnosis can be used to great unconscious changes whilst feeling deeply relaxed.

5. Getting leverage: NLP therapists are skilled at getting leverage- applying pain to the problem and pleasure to the solution.

6. Setting well formed goals: In order to get what you want, you need to know where you are now, and where it is you want to go, in just the same way that you would set out on any journey.

7. Developing positive coping strategies: NLP communication model helps to develop positive coping strategies and to change strategies that are ineffective or detrimental to the clients progress.

By Gemma Bailey

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