The principal of the Law of Attraction is that like attracts like. Therefore if you are thinking about the success you want to achieve you are more likely (some would say destined) to achieve that success. This is because all of our thoughts transmit a frequency much like a radio signal out into the universe. summarises the link between thinking and attracting in this way: “Our thoughts are energy vibrating. Whatever thoughts we choose, they vibrate at a certain frequency that is drawn to and attracts elements that vibrate at the same frequency. That is why the saying “like attracts like”. This phenomenon is also known as the Law of Attraction.”

But at a more basic level, utilising the Law of Attraction, gets the Reticular Activating system in the brain working so that it is actively pulling into your awareness those things or desires that you are thinking about. This can begin to give some instant reward and confirmation that the Law of Attraction is working for you, as evidence and clues towards the things you are thinking about will begin to manifest in your real life experience. In addition, we know from the mind body connection that what you think about, has a profound impact on the emotional state you are in (which is great news if your emotions ever feel out of control- it just means that you have to adjust your thinking.) So the worst case scenario, even if the Law of Attraction really wasn’t real and didn’t exist, is that you think about the good things you would like to see and have in your life and the thinking of those positive thoughts will make you feel good.

But let’s assume that the Law of Attraction does exist as a real tangible science and consider the impact of it upon our attitudes. The Encarta dictionary defines “attitude” not just as a personal view of something, a general opinion or feeling but also as bodily posture that is either conscious or unconscious especially when interacting with others. This further supports the point made earlier about the mind body connection. That your attitude isn’t just about how you project your personality, but is also related to your physical body. Lets also assume that the Law of Attraction is always working, every second of every minute, with every thought you think.

If you are thinking positive thoughts and have a good positive attitude, your thoughts will be transmitting at a certain kind of frequency. Like attracting like means that “stuff” with a similar frequency to your positive thought will be drawn toward you and your attitude will become even more positive when you recognise the Law of Attraction in action.

And the Law of Attraction is always working is you are thinking negative thoughts. Those thoughts will also be transmitting a certain kind of frequency. Like attracting like means that “stuff” with a similar frequency to your negative thoughts (i.e. negative “stuff”) will be drawn towards you and your attitude can become even more negative if you do not realise the power of what you are creating for yourself.

By Gemma Bailey