At People Building we teach NLP to those is leadership and management positions and work with teams to improve sales skills. We also offer Neuro-linguistic programming training online and offer courses that answer the question: “Does hypnosis work?”

It’s not exactly a done deal (yet) and it is probably one of the most complicated purchases in the history of man, but it’s certainly looking on track for PB to make it’s home in Hemel Hempstead’s town centre (Old Town) from early 2014.

The relocation of our HQ is going to see the first high street hypnotherapy practice the town has ever seen and will house NLP4Kids HQ and the Hypnotherapy and NLP Clinic too.
The building, which is currently a barbers shop will sell self development products as well as having therapy rooms for treatment of clients and being the base for PB members club and PB trainings (though these will continue to be hosted elsewhere).
Next year will also see the launch of PB’s corporate training programmes following successful training with ADI’s, Hertfordshire Country Council and our upcoming training with microsoft.

Exciting stuff eh?!

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By Gemma Bailey

Gemma Bailey is the director of People Building, an NLP and hypnotherapy training company offering free NLP resources such as free NLP PDF’s, NLP podcasts and hypnotherapy courses that answer the question: “Does hypnosis work?!”

We also provide corporate NLP training for those in leadership and management teams and NLP in business courses to increase sales skills for those who wish to improve communication and conversation techniques.

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