For those who believe in the possibility of past lives, Past Life Regression can be particularly interesting. It works on the basis that a persons’ soul has lived in another body, experiencing a life before the life they are experiencing now. Some people believe they have had many past lives, some as men and some as women and occasionally some people believe they were animals in their previous lives.

Whilst there is very little evidence to verify the validity of the past lives people claim to have had, there are occasions when the regression has provided a great deal of detail about the past life, and facts have later been established as holding some truth.

Past life regression has become particularly popular in the world of hypnosis due to the ease at which information can be withdrawn from the unconscious. It is believed that the memories of past lives are not usually accessible to the conscious mind and any recollection is stored in the unconscious. Because hypnosis relaxes the conscious mind the unconscious is able to come to the fore and memories can then be shared usually with the client answering questions directed by the therapist. The therapist can keep a note of the responses given, as on occasions the client will not be fully aware of the responses they have provided.

Whether the past lives that people believe they have had are “real” of not, there is still a degree of therapeutic benefit that can be had from performing a regression. There have been times when a person has tried every conceivable method to rid themselves of a specific problem or ailment without success, then have later experienced a past life regression and found out not only the cause of the problem but also the means to resolve it. In one session of PLR I performed, a gentleman had had several sessions of hypnosis for anxiety but had not yet experienced any significant shifts in his discomfort. One day we were using some routine hypnosis when he slipped into a past life and began describing a scene in which he was a king in France, standing on a balcony looking down on his troops and preparing to take them to war. He felt that it was at this time he had first experienced his anxiety, and as a result of visiting this time and looking at it from this new perspective he was able to release the anxiety he suffered from in his present life. Whether this past life was real or true or not is of interest but at the same time not really relevant. It could have been that his imagination simply created this scene as a representation to help him release his negative emotions or there could have been some truth in it. Either way his problem was solved and it is in solving problems that PLR has its greatest value.

By Gemma Bailey