Are you thinking about using hypnotherapy to quit smoking? If so, you may want to consider what it is you’re going to be missing out on, after all, using hypnotherapy to quit smoking will probably mean that you never touch a cigarette ever again; the thought of doing so will completely disgust you!

Are you certain you want to quit smoking? What about that precious relaxation you enjoy with a cigarette- when you draw the thousands of chemicals and poisons into your lungs, increasing your heart rate, releasing adrenaline, raising your blood pressure and soaking the poisons into the tissues within your body. If you quit smoking using hypnotherapy you will learn to relax in a way you have never experienced with a cigarette. It will usually involve taking in clean fresh air and becoming more confident, happy and energised than you have been in a very long time.

Perhaps you’re just a social smoker, happy to share the arsenic, cyanide and carbon monoxide sticks of death with the people you love and care about. If you use hypnotherapy to quit smoking, you may feel compelled to get fit, to spend you time socialising in the gym instead. If you consider that within just 20 minutes of quitting smoking your blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature return to normal, safe levels. After 8 hours, you can look forward to having a normal amount of oxygen in your body.

Incidentally, did you know that starving the body of oxygen can cause tissue damage that can lead to gangrene which might mean that limbs have to be amputated from your body. Starving the brain of oxygen can cause brain damage. Are you absolutely certain you want to use hypnotherapy to quit smoking? Your unconscious mind has a very important function of maintaining your body. Therefore any damaged you may have caused stands a good change of repairing itself. The longer you will remain a non smoker, the more the body repairs and the better your prospects become.

Perhaps you believe that you are a considerate smoker. You’re children and family don’t know, or you only smoke outside so that you avoid polluting your home and anyone else who happens to be in it. Good for you. Those who love and care about you will be most grateful for your act of kindness once you are gone, I’m sure!

When you use hypnotherapy to quit smoking, you no longer have to worry about the guilt of the secret cigarettes you’ve smoked, the damage you’re causing to your body, the bad example you set to your children or the polluted air you have created and forced others to inhale. Instead, when you use hypnotherapy to quit smoking, you can look forward to a healthier future, a better smelling home and a new lease of life. The sooner you use hypnotherapy to quit smoking, the better!

By Gemma Bailey