There are many different kind of skin complaints- and is it any wonder? Your skin is the greatest organ in your body covering around 2 square meters in surface area. With it playing such a vital and role in protecting your body and preventing infection and drying out, it is no surprise that there is probably a skin condition for each letter of the alphabet.

The challenge for those who suffer with a skin complaint is “facing” up to the world. Often skin conditions appear unsightly and uneven, altering how healthy a person looks and making them seem at worse, disfigured in some way as well as potentially experiencing levels of physical discomfort.

In a recent podcast regarding skin conditions (click here) acne, psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and melasma, were all investigated and discussed. Interestingly of just this handful of conditions studied, one common factor was found to relate all of these skin conditions. One simple act could drastically inflame the symptoms of all of these different ailments. That one thing was stress.

If you think about it, your skin is already experiencing a degree of stress every day in its very function. It is exposed to weather, moisture, heat, chemicals, friction, wounding, and so on. And these are just some of the outer problems that occur by way of living your life. There are also inner factors such as how much fluid your body receives and the quality of that fluid (seriously, there is a big difference in the quality of your skin if you are drinking cola versus mineral water.) As well as what you are feeding your body of anything else you might be putting in, by way of inhaling (smoking has a massive impact of skin condition) or any medication you are taking.) I remember when I discovered I am allergic to morphine. It wasn’t from the sickness I felt as that tend to come as standard with such an intense pain killer, but from the purple spots that covered my skin. A change in someone’s complexion is usually the first way to tell if someone is out of sorts- redness when embarrassed, angry or running a temperature or paleness when in shock or unwell. The quality of our skin is a brilliant indicator to the kind of state we are running in our inner system. So if skin conditions are occurring there is something unsettled inside. Psoriasis for example occurs when there are problems with the nervous system. The symptoms will tend to increase when the patient is anxious or upset. Acne will tend to flare up when a patient is angry or depressed.

There are of course many products available that can treat the skin from on the surface stuff such as creams and ointments to pills and medicines. What it is important to remember is that whilst you may think that by dealing with your skin condition you are dealing with your problem, you are not. The skin condition itself is a symptom of an inner problem, be it an imbalance in hormones or a worry or upset. To get rid of the outer symptom you must first get rid of the inner problem. And calming and balancing your emotions using hypnosis is a great way to start that process.

By Gemma Bailey