The S.M.A.R.T Criteria

My biggest issue with ‘goals’ is, that there’s no ’F’ in S.M.A.R.T and I’ll explain what I mean by that shortly. If you know anything about goal-setting, then you will have come across the smart criteria

Why Life is Like a Catapult

Ok, it’s one of those analogies that I came up with in the shower yesterday morning. But I’m seriously chuffed with this one. Such that future clients, NLP4Kids practitioners and the companies I mentor are going to get “the catapult […]

The Realistic Podcast

Set a Goal? FAILED? Maybe it wasn’t realistic. You might have had all the will in the world but if it wasn’t realistic it was never going to be possible. Here we find out what it really means to “get […]


I set a goal, I worked towards it. I stuck a visual representation of it on my dream board. I imagined achieving it every day and felt the feelings I would have felt if I had achieved it. I lived […]