Life Coaching is an effective means of establishing where you are currently in your life, where you going, and how it is you will get there by focusing on specific areas- from self confidence, to enjoying your work, creating time for yourself or living your dreams. Some people find it difficult to comprehend what life coaching is about or why you would need to pay someone to guide you in this way. What you need to ask yourself is, if you were to carry on doing things as you have been them, are you going to achieve your goals?

Life coaching is not about changing yourself but becoming yourself. To be successful can take much more than accepting the life that you have, it can mean that you adapt the world to suit you, to make life work for you.The more you know about who you are, the easier it will be to achieve what you want and to find what fulfils you.

Life Coaching in the St Albans areas is a valuable way to redirect, or find direction in your life. I always say that life coaching is most beneficial when several areas of life need to be worked on simultaneously.

Life coaching is also a really flexible way of achieving change. For example, in my practice near St Albans, I can see someone for as many or as few sessions as they need. It can be carried out over the phone or face to face.

You will be provided with a Life Coaching Manual. This will ask questions and set tasks in a variety of areas in your life. Changing one thing can make a person successful, but global change creates massive success. You can work through the manual at your own speed, with or without my input. I will fit in with whatever is the right way for you.

In the same way that one person sees a glass half full and another sees it half empty, some people see something that they hadn’t anticipated as a problem whilst another may see it as a challenge. In order to gain control of your life, you can take on responsibility for the things that are within your control and really work to improve them. As for the things you can not control- move on and let go. You can regain your feelings of control by looking for something positive in a situation that you had always viewed as damaging or hurtful.

By Gemma Bailey