What is the best way to move forward when you are stuck? When every area of you life seems to be deficient in some way, who can help you find the way forward? A good Life coach may be able to help. Ideally choose someone who has a number of credentials so that there are many different ways that they can assist you in achieving change. Always pick somebody that you feel comfortable with- it’s crazy to think that with so many people out there calling themselves Life Coaches, that I still meet people who have been to see a coach who makes them feels ill at ease. I actively go out of my way to build up good rapport with my patients throughout their consultation, before they have even parted with any money.

Reasons to have Life Coaching
Life coaching is a technique to enable you to assess yourself, your situation or problem and to develop the skills you already have to tackle the situation or problem by increasing your motivation and willingness to do so.

By setting clear and realistic goals the therapist is able to work with you on a regular basis to aid and motivate achievement.

It is a must for corporate companies with teams of people who have various levels of motivation, stress and productivity.

It is especially useful for ensuring that peak ability and standard is obtained and maintained for an important performance or event.

What to expect
Expect a free consultation and some kind of manual or text which you can work through in each session. This is a good way of monitoring your progress.

You should also expect to cover the following areas: Wheel of Life, Emotional Values, Beliefs, Communication and Rapport Building, SMART Goals and some hypnotherapy and NLP Techniques as required.

Why Choose Life Coaching instead of a cheaper therapy or self health book?

The benefits of Life Coaching above Hypnotherapy for example, (I’m a qualified hypnotherapist so trust that I’m giving you an honest and genuine explanation) is that When you come for Life Coaching it’s as if every area of your life is spring cleaned and improved. This is because Life Coaching focuses on the patient as a whole, rather than a specific area of their life. For example, for someone who has a problem with confidence, hypnotherapy and some specific NLP Techniques can work really well. But if a patient feels that all areas of their life need improvement then Life Coaching provides a much more global change.

Self help book obviously have a wonderful use too; though remember that a book will always tend to be quite generic and not necessarily tailored to your individual needs.

On the whole Life Coaching is a powerful and effective way of rising above problems, finding solutions and moving forward. Overall it will improve all areas of life, help you to find your direction and set you up for achieving the goal in life that are really worth while and meaningful to you. If you are interested in receiving Life Coaching and are based in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire or London then visit the link below to find a suitable practitioner.

By Gemma Bailey

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