As a result of the 6 free CD’s we’ve been offering on, last week we doubled the number of people signed up to our members club.

The membership is totally optional so of course some people just take the 6 free CD’s. It’s a bit of an irresistible offer for any one interested in self development as the 6 CD’s contain:

Technique No.1 will tell you:
How to instantly improve your emotional state.
Where most people go wrong with this NLP technique.
How to increase the potency of the positive emotions you desire.

Technique No.2 will teach you how to:
Resolve conflicts with others.
Help you develop the ability to see the world from another person’s point of view.
Genuinely feel empathy understanding of the emotions of others therefore increasing rapport and resolving unease in relationships.

Technique No.3 will:
Obliterate significant emotional events from the past and resolve past hurts and injustices.
Offer you the opportunity to forgive yourself and others.

(3 CD set valued at £197.00)

With our 2 Hypnosis CDs you’re going to discover how to:
Achieve total body relaxation and how to develop a trigger that will allow you to return to that deeply relaxed state whenever you want.
How to count yourself down into a deeper level of trance for healing, pain control and unconscious suggestion.
Learn the importance of slowing your mind for better health and wellbeing.
Safely bring yourself out of trance feeling refreshed and alert.
Plus you’ll receive our best selling full length hypnosis session currently sold on People Building and Itunes for £7.99.

(2 CD set valued at £97.00)

The 6th CD will unravel the truths that powerful speakers keep secret. It includes:
Discover the power of intonation and command and how to use your voice to create maximum impact.
Learn the words that are proven to cause others to take action and respond to your instructions.
Find out a major confusion technique which leaves the unconscious open to instruction.

(CD valued at £47.00)

The offer is still running at the moment but I’m sure we’ll pull the plug when we’ve got too many members in the PB Member Club. If you haven’t got  the 6 Free CDs you might want to get then now before the offer is finished. Visit to get your free set.

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  1. Hi Gemma,

    Well, it looks like I missed this great offer. I sure could use all the positive stuff now. I’m keeping my head up and clear most of the time.
    I’ll be looking for another offer like this one!


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