Losing weight can feel like an uphill battle. Little did I know, until I became a hypnotherapist and started working with clients in my therapy clinic in Hemel Hempstead, that there are countless reasons why people struggle with shedding those extra pounds. It goes beyond the culprits like overeating, consuming the wrong foods, not watching portion sizes, and lack of exercise. There are also deeper factors at play, such as finding solace in food, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, and negative self-image.

To ensure that my weight loss program is as effective as possible, I’ve implemented a simple yet crucial step: offering a complimentary consultation. In my therapy clinic in Hemel Hempstead, this initial coaching session allows individuals to get to know me and determine if we’re a good fit. It’s important to feel completely at ease when sharing your thoughts and emotions with someone. So, this free consultation gives people the opportunity to decide, “Yes, I can work with you” (which is usually the case) or “No thanks, you’re just not my cup of tea.”

Between the upcoming appointment and the next time we meet, I suggest keeping a food diary. It’s not about telling people what to eat, but sometimes seeing it written down can be a helpful reminder. If their diet needs improvement, I gently point out the health risks associated with poor eating habits.

From there, it becomes more personalized. Depending on the individual, I may utilize NLP or Hypnotherapy techniques. For those struggling with conflicting thoughts, I might suggest parts integration. If someone holds disempowering beliefs, a belief change could be beneficial. And for those battling bad habits, hypnosis might be the way to go. People need to understand that the therapy is tailored to their specific needs.

People no longer need to visit me repeatedly until they’ve achieved their target weight, it’s not required. They just have to reach the point where they are confident in their weight loss plan and believe wholeheartedly that they will succeed, pushing forward until they reach their goal. Typically, this takes anywhere from 2 to 6 sessions, each lasting 1 hour.

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By Gemma Bailey