It’s relatively logical to assume that wherever you direct your energy, there will be increase and growth.

The challenge is directing that energy towards the things that you want to grow, and not the things that are bothering or irritating you.

Perhaps you have had some sort of negative experience in the past that caused you to have a good long rant about the situation or circumstance and noticed that the more energy you put into it, the more frustrated and angry you became. In the same way you have probably also had a similar situation but instead focused your energy on seeking a solution or resolution and noticed how motivated and powerful you became.

Wherever your energy is focused, there is power, you are literally dishing it out by the bucket load. So if you find that a situation is draining you or frustrating you, you must consider where your energy about that issue is being directed. Are you adding your power to a solution or to fuel the problem itself?

If you spend your energy worrying and fretting about all of the things you need to get done, but never taking the action to do them, you are using up 10 times more energy than you would to just get on and do the blooming thing you should be doing! The reasoning is simple, it’s because again your energy is directed in a negative way – your energy is going into worry and fret. This will zap your energy so rapidly that you just have to think of all the things you should be doing and are not, and you will instantly notice a shift in the levels of energy you have.

But when your energy is positively focus on doing the thing you need to do (otherwise known as taking action) the momentum you gain simply gives you even more energy. Your energy increases as a result of you being up and moving and taking action.

It’s a bit like how some people find that they feel more awake, alert and alive after going to the gym. The physical exertion , for some, fuels even more energy in their body. Even if this doesn’t happen immediately, most people do find that as a result of focusing on moving their physical body, they generally feel more alive and energised.

Someone once told me that completions restore energy to the spirit. I supposed that this ties in with what I have said already about spending time focused on what isn’t done is far more energy consuming that actually doing it.

Though there is a special kind of energy that arrives when something in life is completed. It’s that insertion of the final piece of the puzzle which give s a sigh of “It’s done!” There is a special kind of pride and relaxation that bring with them a relaxed energy, but a relaxed energy that is guilt free! Not the kind you experience when you are relaxing but also avoiding!

So in summery:

Focus your energy on solutions not problems

Use your energy for action taking instead of procrastination

Complete your incompletions and restore energy to your spirit.

By Gemma Bailey